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April 17, 2007

As I wrote in March, the CD has finally been released! And it's doing very well! (Two reviews have been added to my Musician page.) The ball is rolling and so far, I've got a nice line-up of gigs for the summer including my first European show, a few fundraisers, festival dates and another run of Michel Tremblay's Forever Yours, Mary Lou with the Chamber Theatre Company! My return home from Europe won't be quite so linear this time, as I will be making a little detour to Kelowna, BC to play my first solo show in Western Canada (ironic because I grew up in Edmonton) and visit with loved ones.

As I was sorting through my papers preparing for my next trip, I came across this picture (on the left) of the Norwegian Snow Creature, which can often be seen in these parts (picture to the right) of Norway. Known for its intelligence and athletic ability, the Norwegian Snow Creature sheds its winter coat and plank-like pedal appendages and migrates from the mountains to Universities and research institutions all over the country during the spring and summer months. During those months, the male of this species can also be seen running around sports fields chasing a white and black ball, unless, it is laid up with a torn Achilles tendon. It is my hope to encounter these creatures again during my upcoming travels and engage (and not lose this time!!!) in a series of board games!

Watch for many upcoming shows including some European dates and a show in Western Canada.

Hope to see you soon!

Marie-Josée xx


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