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April 7, 2008 - It's in the air...

Yes, it's finally arrived! Spring! The 10-foot snowbanks in front of my place are slowly disappearing, the birds are driving my cat crazy (her first spring), I'm able to start enjoying my balcony and the show offers are now rolling in! The July cross-country tour is also starting to fall into place. I just have two Ontario dates to fill, and I'm about to start booking Alberta and BC this week. Visit my Musician page for the full list!

In other news, I'm now sitting in with Eastborough. I recorded on one of their tracks last fall, but starting tonight (Manx Pub on Elgin Street, opening for Sadie Hell), when available, I'm going to sit in for live shows ! There's nothing like playing music with other people! I'm very excited about this project!

Practicing with the pared down version of Eastborough at the Folklore Centre has also led me to finally order that baritone ukulele I've been drooling over. It won't replace the accordion as my main instrument, but who knows where this may lead!


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