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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The End of the Tour – Photos by Tracy Kolenchuk


Eleven thousand kilometres, two live radio performances, one house party and seven gigs. That's what Arthur and I did over the past two weeks, and it all came to an end when we finally arrived safe and sound in Ottawa on Monday night, tired, but still ready to go at it again within the next couple of months. (And in good MJ style, many irons are in the fire as I write...)

With the exception of a dire need of new windshield wipers, a chip in my windshield - and it didn't even happen in Alberta! - and a slow leak in one of my tires, the Mazda Beauty also survived the trip without giving us any kind of grief.

It was a great time! And there are many stories, most of which I will post very soon. In the interim, Blue Chair Café (Edmonton) house photographer Tracy Kolenchuk sent me a bunch of his photos, which I've loaded below for those interested.









If anyone took photos during our tour they would like to share, please contact me:

More news to come!

Marie-Josée xx











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