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August 12, 2005

Phew! It's been a very busy summer so far with my recent move into my new home and my long list of gigs. At the moment, I'm almost done painting my house. You have no idea how much I look forward to not showing up to perform shows looking like an unsuspecting colour swatch! The house will look great, just don't look at my yard. I'll be attacking that when the weather cools a little bit. (Yes, musicians/artists can be domestic too.)

Artistically speaking, I've been too busy to touch any of the canvases that beckon in the middle of the night. I have been busy designing CD covers and images that I will eventually post on my Websites. I do, however, have quite an inventory of hand-painted cards, trivets, coasters, and various stained glass items for sale.

Musically, I'm in the middle of recording two full-length CDs with Casadore, and am about to record two more CDs with other projects within the next few months. Casey Comeau and the Centretown Wilderness Club is booked at Dave Drave's Little Bullhorn Studios to record a demo in September. The five of us then head to Montreal in November to record a full-length CD. Somewhere in there, I will be recording a solo album. Watch for many new releases come late fall and early 2006!

I've also been playing at private parties, corporate functions and weddings. For more information, please contact me at

Enjoy the rest of the summer! And thank you for visiting Marie-Josée's Ugly Socks. Feel free to peruse the rest of the site, look at some artwork and photography and listen to some MP3s. Come back often, as I will be regularly making updates! If you would like me to add your email address to my fanout list, please drop me a line!

Cheers for now!

Marie-Josée Houle


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