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February 2, 2007

Is it too late to wish you all a Happy New Year?

Norway was beautiful! I got to ski at the cottage, see the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo and experience horizontal rain in Stavanger. Most importantly, I spent quality time with my love, friends and family. I got caught up with Battlestar Galactica. (Is Baltar a cylon? Who are the remaining five? Now I have to wait until March to find out more!) And actually got to see a couple of movies at the theatre, which I never get to do! I also caught a Norwegian jazz ensemble Lucky 7 who featured a very young singer, and Syme, from Bergen.

Back in Ottawa, life has gone back to it's usual break-neck pace putting the finishing touches on my CD cover and sending it all away for manufacturing, applying for festivals and getting back to my gigging and practice schedules (and my day jobs, of course).

I've also been negotiation with a theatre group and a short filmmaker fom the US who approached me to use my music in their work. The Chamber Theatre Company's production of Michel Tremblay's Forever Yours Marie-Lou will run from February 22 to 24, 2007 at the Cube Gallery. (For information call 613-791-4471.) Nathan Michael's My Lucky Charm will is set for release in Summer of 2007.

Unfortunately, within a week of the show, Sacha Gabriel had to cancel on us for the show at the Avant Guard Bar. I decided to plow on ahead without her. Local sensation Jill Zmud graciously stepped up as my opener and helped make the night a sold out success! Special thanks also go out to my amazing band, to Melissa Laveaux who joined me for a beautiful impromptu duet and to Alan Neal from the CBC who gave the show a very generous plug!

Crisis averted, I was able to focus on my CD release dates! Finally! My upcoming gigging schedule looks like this:

Event: I will be sitting in with Glenn Nuotio who will be opening for The Winks from Montreal
When: Sunday, February 11, 2007
Where: Zaphod's, Ottawa
For more information, visit: or email

Event: Marie-Josée Houle Solo Debut CD Release Party with Amer Diab from Toronto and surprise guests!
When: Friday, March 16, 2007
Where: Rasputin's Folk Café, 696 Bronson, Ottawa
For more information, email:
This show will sell out! To make reservations, call Dean Verger at 613-230-5102.

Event: Marie-Josée Houle Solo Debut CD Release Party with Cindy Doire from Toronto and surprise guests!
When: Wednesday, April 4, 2007
Where: Le petit Chicago, 50 du Portage, Vieux Hull, Quebec
For more information, email:

Event: Casey Comeau & the Centretown Wildreness Club with Crowded Skies
When: Friday, March 23, 2007
Where: Babylon Night Club, Ottawa
For more information, visit:

As always, I hope to see you soon!

Marie-Josée xx

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