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February 8, 2009

February, already!

How did that happen? It seems that winter has been long, but Iíve been busy applying for festivals across the country, applying for more grants, writing new music, planning my year and booking more shows.

Recently, a gorgeous young local writer with a powerful pen has fallen under my radar. Her name is Ren Tomovcik. Not only does she write about local music, arts and culture, she hosts a show on CKCU, watches BSG and is a lovely person!

To help promote my February 7, 2009 Avant-Garde Bar show, this is what Ren wrote about me in Ottawa Focus.

Playing the Avant-Garde Bar last night was a little bitter-sweet as I missed Kellylee Evans who was playing a fundraiser a few blocks down the street. (Last year, I wrote about the magic of Kellylee. Seeing her live is a certain must for most music lovers.) Iíve also been fighting a monster cold and was drenched in a fever-induced sweat by the end of my first set. But the house was packed, my band was hot, my voice held out to the end of the show and we had a great time! Playing the Avant-Garde Bar is always a treat! Now, I can be sick with my cold for about 10 days before my next round of shows.

Speaking of which, if youíre in Peterborough, Toronto or Burritís Rapids, Iím coming your way with my cellist Ken Kanwisher before the end of the month!

Iím also starting to prepare for my next trip to Europe. This trip will focus on Austria where I will play the 10th Annual Accordion Festival in Vienna, for which I will be backed by a group of incredible Viennese musicians! Iíll also be arriving in time to catch Wendy McNeill, who is also performing at the festival on March 4th! Iíve never been to Vienna before. Mika Vember has agreed to be my gracious host and I look forward to spending time with her, jamming a bit and exploring the city famous for two of my many passions: music and coffee!

I havenít posted any travel photos since my return from Europe, but promise to take a lot during my trip to Vienna and will post them on my Facebook page.

Wherever it may be, I hope to see you soon!


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