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January 16, 2008 - Rumblings of ’Monsters,’ Part I

The month is halfway over and most of the recording is finished! I'm thrilled!!!

Because our little trans-Atlantic experiment of recording the drums and the bass on two separate continents last October didn't work as well as I had hoped, I flew my bass-playing and road warrior Superman Arthur Holřien in from Norway to record with us in Ottawa. For two weeks, Derek Loewen (drums), Arthur and I holed up to finish and record nine remaining songs at Dave Draves' Little Bullhorn Studios in Ottawa.

The material is much darker than on my solo debut (French Café after the Absinthe - quote from friend Diana Devlin) and not so disconnected from the personal tragedies we each carried into the studio. We had a very rocky start, to the point that I seriously considered pulling the plug on the entire project and flying us to the Tropics instead. But we banded together, battled our inner and outer demons and maintained our focus. The process was cathartic for everyone involved and we finished with smiles on our faces, but perhaps felt a little sadness once it was over. Hence, the birth of 'Monsters.'

On Monday night, Arthur flew back home to Oslo with all the tracks for nine songs to deliver to our producer Marius Gengenbach. In March, I will join them and Eiric Roald who will add a little cello. We're on the lookout for a little trumpet and clarinet for one track.

'Monsters' should be ready for the fall. Will we be ready?


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