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March 1, 2008 - The Echos of Silence...

Things seem to have slowed down drastically for me, or perhaps it just seems that way because the blahs induced by the grey February weather have sucked me of all my energy. Will this winter ever end?

When I think back at this past month, yes, I am complaining for nothing. I started February off with a bang, in fact. On the 1st, while in the middle of an 8-day run of the Ottawa Chamber Theatre Company's rendition of Tennessee William's Confessional, I moved.

I moved into a lovely two-bedroom place with hardwood floors throughout and a balcony. I converted my front room into an art studio (where I hope to be painting and working with glass a lot than I have in recent years) and turned my second bedroom into a guest room / living room / office.

This past month, the sassy photos photographer Colin Rowe took of me in my bedroom last October hit the newstands in Ottawa Magazine. Me, my accordion and my hand-knit socks on my bed. Sassy indeed!

I had the pleasure of opening for new local band Dry River Caravan a few weeks ago, which was a complete blast! It's always a great experience to play for a full house. That week, TFO followed me around, filming me in my home painting, knitting, practicing my instrument and playing with my new kitten. TFO, too, was at that show getting live footage. Reporter Chantal Racine told me the feature should air sometime in April. I'll be certain to keep you posted!

I also played a CD release show to celebrate the FESFO release of their compilation Branché on which I appear along side other Franco-Ontariens Mélissa Laveaux and R-Leo.

Finally, I'm desperately trying to predict my future work schedule so I can plan my trip to Norway (where I will tour and mix my album), my CD release, mini-tours for March, May and June, my huge summer tour with Arthur in July (most of which is already booked) and another big tour to support the release of the album in the fall. After I'm done consulting all of my oracles for the year (just kidding - but the guessing is exhausting!), the booking part will be easy.

Meanwhile, here are a few local shows to look forward to:

Event: Marie-Josée Houle plays a Feminist Cocktail Hour (fundraiser)
When: Thursday, March 6, 2008
Where: Swizzles, Ottawa, ON
For more information, please email:

Event: Marie-Josée Houle plays a symposium on Culture and Art
When: Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Where: Chateau Laurier, Ottawa, ON
For more information, please email:

I hope to see you soon!

Marie-Josée xx