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March 17, 2008 - Ides of March...

As they say, 'Be careful for what you ask.' In my last blog entry, I found myself complaining that things slowed down quite a bit for me lately. Since the onset of March, it has not been the case.

Today started with a lot of difficulty. Monday morning.... And a Monday morning after being on the road at that... Itís hard to get up and get on with my week... But activities from last weekend make it all worthwhile!

On Saturday, I drove all the way down to Hamilton to play a Jazz show with the very lovely and talented Ginger St. James and we had an absolute blast! It was my first time in Hamilton, so Ginger and Lee took me in, made me feel like family, introduced me to lots of great people and took the time to show me bits of their city! For those of you who have never been, Steeltown is quite impressive, I must say! The people are friendly, the music scene is inclusive and the antique stores!!!! Iím going to have to bring a full pocketbook next time!

Ginger and I have plans for a mini-tour in May, and weíre already booked at Pepperjacks in July as part of my summer cross-Canada tour with Arthur. I canít wait to go back!

Oh, and in passing, my friend Nathanael Larochette’s new CD was reviewed in Exclaim!

For those of you looking for new sounds, check out my friend Nathanael Larochette’s new CD entitled Musk Ox - Organic Acoustic Music. It’s absolutely beautiful! And it’s a much-needed sonic cure for that winter-that-never-seems-to-end. For the curious, the CD got great reviews in the March edition of Exclaim!!
You can also find Nate’s stuff  at

Speaking of new and beautiful, my fiddle player Aalya Ahmad and her husband Dietrich (who played bass with Aalya and I in Casey Comeau & the Centretown Wilderness Club) finally had their baby girl in the wee hours of the morning on March 6! I spent the beginning of March in bed sicker than I remember, therefore I have yet to visit my honourary niece. But once I'm no longer in danger of poisoning her parents, I'm going to finally meet little Sophia!

Finally, I'm in the midst of finishing the booking for my July tour. Shows before my departure date are starting to pile in at a rate that makes me very, very happy.

So far, my upcoming gig schedule looks like this:

Event: Marie-Josée Houle plays thge Byword Reading Series
When: Sunday, April 27, 2008 at 2PM
Where: Chapters - 47 Rideau Street, Ottawa, ON
For more information, please email:

Event: Marie-Josée Houle plays the "Creative Construct: Building for Culture and Creativity" symposium
When: Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Where: Chateau Laurier, Ottawa, ON
For more information, please email:


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