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March 29, 2006

Hi there! It's been a long time!

Things have been exciting since the start of the new year with ongoing shows, festival applications and researching art and music grants. Casey Comeau & the Centretown Wilderness Club is busy as always, making regular appearances at Ottawa music venues. And after searching high and low, I finally put together a stellar line-up of musicians to back my solo project. I'm so fortunate to be working with the likes of Derek Loewen (drums), Aalya Ahmad (fiddle) and Rob Skitmore (of Department of Foreign Affairs) (guitar)!


At this point, perhaps it's time to introduce everyone to Dave Draves!

[photo] Dave is the owner and recording engineer at Little Bullhorn Productions . I had the pleasure of working with Dave last fall on the Casey Comeau & the Centertown Wilderness Club debut EP (scheduled to be released in the early summer). Over the past weekend, Dave has been doing a fantastic job keeping Derek, Rob, Aalya and I focussed on the task of laying down tracks for my debut solo album entitled "Our Lady of Broken Souls." One more weekend in studio and we'll be moving on to the next of the many post-production phases of putting together a recording. Finally, I will have something to sell off the stage at shows!


Marie-Josée xx


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