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May 28, 2008 - Special Guests and Lots of Radio Interviews Before the Avant-Garde Show!

A few weeks ago, it dawned on me that I've been living in Ottawa for five years! That's a long time for me and my itchy feet. But Ottawa has been very good to me. Life certainly didn't turn out the way I expected when I first moved here. If all had gone according to plan, I would be married with a child, be holding a nice government job and playing bass in a Heavy Metal band that would only play in Ottawa venues. Instead, I'm a sassy bilingual accordion player who's too busy working as a consultant in the co-op housing sector and playing music all over Canada and Norway to truly be able to think about settling down. So, despite me now finally calling Ottawa home, my itchy feet are still moving - a lot.

I'm still in the midst of booking stuff revolving around my summer tour, and it's been confirmed today that I'll be playing the club night of the Oya Festival in Oslo, Norway with my amazing Norwegian backing band! Finally, at the festival itself, I'll get a chance to see Sonic Youth as well as a few of my favorite Norwegian bands!!!

This week has busy as I'm preparing to play hostess for the weekend to Ginger St-James and her guitarist Lee, who were kind enough to take me in me when I played a Jazz show with them in Hamilton in March. They are coming up to play the Avant-Garde Bar with me on Saturday, May 31. The show starts at about 9:30, but come early as I've always sold out the Avant-Garde Bar and people have always been sent away at the door. This will be my first show with my new backing band consisting of Nathanael Larochette (Musk Ox, The Butternuts) on classical guitar, Steve Tippet (leader from My Tiny Circus) on piano and everyone's favorite hired gun, Ronnie Vadar on double bass. Sadly, my drummer Derek Loewen is in Edmonton for the summer, but he'll be joining Arthur and I on stage for the Alberta shows of our summer tour!

Today, I had the pleasure of chatting on air with Diane Wells, CKCU radio DJ. Both Ginger and I are booked to chat with Susan Johnston on CKCU early on Friday morning, and again with Anne-Marie on CHUO's Hop the Fence at 5pm. So stay tuned!

And, I hope to see you soon!

Marie-Josée xx

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