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Friday, November 2, 2007 - Farewell to Melissa Laveaux…

Melissa Laveaux is a dear friend. We’re both very busy people, with a lot of common dreams and aspirations. Yet, we occasionally find the time to meet for tea, share hopes, sorrows and frustrations, and talk shop. Melissa has often pointed me in the right direction for finding musical resources and even helped me set up my MySpace page when it looked so daunting at the beginning. Here is one lady that’s on top of her game, yet she finds the time to be very generous with her support of others!

I could feel nothing but happiness for her when she announced that she’s moving to France in the New Year to pursue an International music career. But she is going to greatly be missed.

Come join us at the Mercury Lounge on Thursday, November 8 for Melissa Laveaux’s last Ottawa show before she moves. If you’ve seen Melissa, you know what we’ll be missing. If you haven’t, come find out what the fuss is all about!


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