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Tuesday, October 2, 2007 - Of Ukuleles and Accordions:

There’s something about ukuleles these days. I just came back from a wonderful weekend of music with two stints of recording sandwiching a trip to Toronto to play Nuit Blanche (and taking a nap in my car in a truck stop in Belleville because we decided to head back to Ottawa after the show) on the Saturday night.

On the Friday, I recorded a few accordion tracks on my guitar player Neil Gerster’s upcoming album. And on Sunday, I recorded an accordion track for my friend Stefani Guzman’s upcoming solo album.

Funny, all the songs were led by ukulele…

Ukuleles are in! (I hope that doesn’t mean that accordions are out! Yikes! Not that anyone can ever accuse me of playing the accordion because they were cool…) Want proof? Check out Krista Muir’s (aka Lederhosen Lucille without the braids and the Yamaha keyboard) new album. It’s magnificent! On it, she plays the baritone ukulele.

I want one… Badly…

Marie-Josée xx


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