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September 22, 2006

It's official! Fall is upon us. For most musicians, touring has kicked into high gear because in Canada, it's the safest time of year to be driving those long distances between shows. In the fall, the clunkers we use for travel won't overheat under the beating sun, and the ice and snow haven't started yet. I've been out of town a lot as well, either playing shows, or seeing shows. With the exception of getting a nail in my tire, there have been no vehicular mishaps, which I think about a lot, because musicians do spend an extra-ordinary amount of time on the road.

Things have been going non-stop for me musically since my return from Norway, which is always great! There have been a flurry of shows, and I'm now working on more collaborations with some incredible talent. Casey Comeau & the Centretown Wilderness Club is releasing our EP "Taking Routes" this coming Saturday night, and today, I've been promised the first mastered copy of my solo CD! I'm so excited! It's nice, as an artist and a musician to have something tangible in hand to reflect your hard work! So watch for updated MP3s on the Musician page of this website.


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