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Thursday, September 27, 2007 - Meet Trevor Alguire

Because I wasn't able to get the required time off work to do yet, another cross-Canada tour in October, I've had to resort to Plan B: tour Canada in small chunks. Sadly, this means that I won't be able to fly in Arthur to play with me, but we're making plans for Europe and Canada even as soon as February, 2008.

In the interim, I'm flying home to Edmonton next week to play a show at the Blue Chair Café, do a lot of radio promotion and spend precious time with friends and family.

At the moment, I'm also in the midst of booking a mini-tour.

Meet Trevor Alguire! Trevor is another wonderful Ottawa musician who plays Alt-Country and Americana. Trevor was recently signed with Blue Rose for distribution in Germany! Trevor and I are hitting the Prairies during the first weekend of December. We're starting in Regina and will be making our way to Lethbridge via the Greyhound (much inspired by Ray Spoon) before we fly back home.

For more information on Trevor, please visit

More news to come!

Marie-Josée xx


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